Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Come join us for Laternenfest this Sunday, 11/9

The GSSF in cooperation with UGASSF, presents:

St. Martin’s Day Celebration
Sunday, November 9th, 2014
6pm @ Jackson Playground

Suggested donation:
$10 adults, $5 children, $20 family (up to 2 adults)

Join us for a century-old German tradition of songs and brightly-colored lanterns in remembrance of Saint Martin. We’ll meet at the Jackson Playground Clubhouse (1501 17th St, Cross Street Arkansas)
before strolling through the neighborhood. Refreshments afterwards.

The Legend of St. Martin
It’s a bitterly cold winter night. Martin, a Roman soldier, rides his horse through the archway of an old city. There he comes upon a poor beggar shivering from cold. Martin removes his cape, slashes the mantle in half with his sword and covers the freezing man.

The following night, Martin has a meaningful dream, which marks the beginning of his lifelong devotion to help mankind. He becomes known for his ability to bring warmth and light to those in need.
On St. Martin’s Day he is remembered with a festival of lanterns. Children walk through the streets carrying illuminated colored lanterns and singing songs commemorating St. Martin.

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