Teacher: Iris Möller


Hello my name is Iris Möller, I grew up in Hamburg, Germany, where, I received my degree in Psychology from the College of Education. For the last 34 years, I have been teaching children of various ages and in different settings. In 1997, I joined the German School of San Francisco and have been working in the roles of teacher and administrator.

I enjoy both the academic and creative side of our school. Most of all, I love the family-like atmosphere, which makes teaching and learning almost effortless. I feel assured and supported when I see how actively our teaching staff, board members, students, and the parents participate in the school. I am happy to be part of the school.

TA: Angela

My name is Angela Barth. I have joined the German School of San Francisco in 2004 first as a parent with my then 3 years old daughter Anna Carolina and later as an assistant teacher and teacher. I greatly enjoy working with children, teaching them the German language and culture. I am originally from Wedel, a small town next to Hamburg in North Germany.

I have studied Cell Biology at the University of Hamburg and the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Martinsried near Munich where I finished with a Ph.D. degree in 1991. In 1992, I joined a laboratory at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California as a postdoctoral scientist. I have taught science courses in the “Continuing Studies” program for adult education at Stanford and have mentored students in the laboratory.

Through my daughter Anna I discovered the joy of teaching younger children my native tongue and cultural heritage. It is exciting to experience the curiosity and enthusiasm of the children as they are becoming familiar with another country and to see how fast they learn another language. My class has started a pen pal program with two 3rd grade classes in Germany and the children have a lot of fun learning first hand what their peers in Germany like to do.