Do I have to speak German for my child to attend?

No. We are an international school with a very diverse student/parent population. Furthermore, our staff is more than happy to help you. Also, each class has a room parent who can connect you with German speaking parents.


Does my child need to know any German before he/she can attend?

We have many different levels of classes and will do our best to find the appropriate level for your child. Students age 8 and up with no prior knowledge of German need to work at least one hour/week in addition to our 2.5 school hours/week (we can provide you with contacts to find a tutor). We are committed to ensure each child is placed in the best possible learning environment and will not place your child if we feel that he/she will not benefit from the our instruction. You may try out classes and the first session is free.


What are the benefits of learning a second language at an early stage?

Research has proven that the earlier a child starts to learn as second language, the easier and more natural it becomes for him/her to become proficient in that language. Research has also shown that math and verbal SAT scores climb higher with each additional year of foreign language study, which means that the longer you study a foreign language, the stronger your skills become to succeed in school. Speaking more than one language becomes more and more necessary in our expanding global economy. Stating German as a second language on an application letter will catch everyone’s eye immediately.


Can my child start school at the beginning of the second semester?

Yes. You can also join our classes in the middle of each semester, provided that we have space available. Please contact our office to arrange a free trial lesson.


How are students placed?

Before students are assigned to a level, careful consideration is given to creating balanced classes that factor in age, maturity level, academic performance, social needs as well as learning styles. If you feel that you have information that would be beneficial in consideration for your child’s placement, please let us know.


As a parent, how can I participate at school?

Our number one focus is to ensure student learning and achievement in a safe, supportive and caring environment. Your participation in this effort is encouraged. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved at our school including volunteering at our festive events, attending our annual parent meeting and participating in our school board.