(Recently updated… March 2020)

Below are some websites for summer German courses. I checked all websites again and some local programs already have waiting lists.

This list is by no means complete, but it might give you some idea of where to start your own search.

Claudia Windfuhr
Academic Consultant
German School of San Francisco


1) Goethe-Institut in San Francisco
Teenage summer camp (14-17). A couple of my students have gone there in the past and they liked it and learned very much.

2) Bay Area Kinderstube and Bay Area Kinderstube Plus (BAKS +, the official name is Deutsche Sprachschule Berkeley.) offer a very successful summer program in the East Bay. They are part of the German language schools in the Bay Area. Contact them for dates and location.

3) German American School of Palo Alto is offering a very successful summer program in Palo Alto. They are part of the German language schools in the Bay Area. It will be a project-oriented camp.
Contact for more information:
Sabine Eisenhauer Germanedu@aol.com

4) German International School of Silicon Valley in San Francisco in the Presidio has a summer program for K-2 students. Overall, the GISSV is offering summer camps at two locations (Silicon Valley and a San Francisco location).

Presidio location: Not summer 2020 as they are moving; check again next year!

5) East Bay German International School in Emeryville.

In the USA

1) Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota are famous for their immersion programs. Our vice-president’s daughter has attended courses for 2 summers and liked it very much. A few of my students have attended and the progress is amazing!


1) Goethe-Institut: Course for Teens and Children; Learning German in Germany
All levels, ages 9 till 21; they even have soccer plus German; one of my students went at age 12 and had a great time. It’s a very international crowd there and your child needs to be mature.

2) German Youth Hostel Association Travels
From 6 till 17
Children join one of the groups and experience Germany with other German kids. This works if you have relatives in Germany who can take the kids to the train station to join the group. It’s organized by federal state and what type of activity you want your child to do. Our former principal has been sending her kids every year for probably 10 years. Your child needs to be mature.

3) Education First has been organizing language travel for many years now. A lot of schools use them for class travels abroad. It’s not cheap.