You may have your own special reason for wanting to learn German, but learning any foreign language is good for your brain! Scientific American Mind reported in January 2010 that children that learn a second language might more easily solve some types of problems.

One of the great joys of learning a foreign language is the change in perspective that it gives you. As a traveler you may feel that you know a country by just spending a little time there, but becoming a speaker of that country’s language will give you a much deeper insight into its culture, business and national spirit.

In today’s global economy, a little knowledge of the host country’s language, can go a long way in gaining more mutual understanding and respect and it could possibly open up business opportunities that were previously closed. It may be a surprise to know that German is the most widely spoken first language in Europe and, after China, Germany is the world’s biggest exporter! Many German companies are household names in the USA.