1.) Ways to Improve Your German

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2.) German related internet resources from the GSSB

Please check out the website created by the German School of the South Bay which has many very valuable links to learning sites. The school worked with a group of SCU students to research the internet for such sites and they tried to rate the findings, too.

3.) Nützliche Links pdf – click here!

4.)  Dictionaries for German Students (Revised 12/2012)

compiled by Claudia Windfuhr

Academic Consultant, GSSF

Dear Students and Parents,

I have prepared a list of dictionaries for different age groups and different needs. I have used all of the reference books at some point in my career. Some of the dictionaries have photographs and others have drawings. Some have the English translation right next to the German word, whereas others have the pictures to help you understand and /or they have an alphabetical index in the back. The most challenging dictionary uses only German. The reference to age groups is to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. You can have a look at the books by using the ISBN number in your search engine. Our book import service IBIS has many of the dictionaries in stock or they can order it for you from Germany. The German School of San Francisco has been ordering exclusively from IBIS for more than two decades!

I hope this list is helpful.        Claudia

For all learners 10 and up:

Langenscheidt’s Pocket Dictionary

German-English, English-German, 55,000 entries

ISBN 9781585735938; PUBLISHED 2007; $13.95; the best!

PONS Kompaktwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Advanced learners, IN GERMAN with German explanations,

ISBN 9783125175419; 2012 PUBLISHED; € 18,99 = $25.64


Duden: Mein buntes Bildwörterbuch

18 months and up, 30 topics covered on 2 pages each with photographs,

ISBN 978-3-411-70423-1, 1st edition, 64 pages, € 9,95 $13.43,

Bildwörterbücher (picture dictionaries)

Mein kleines Bildwörterbuch – Komm mit zu uns nach Hause! ISBN 9783411809967, $9.38

Das Bildwörterbuch ISBN 9783411705559, $13.43

Bildwörterbuch Deutsch ISBN 9783831013487, $17.48

Mein allererstes Bildwörterbuch ISBN 9783827054456, $21.47

Duden: Das Kindergartenwörterbuch

ISBN: 978-3-411-73021-6 
1. Auflage
192 Seiten. The most important 3000 words for kids going to pre-school IN GERMANY!

ISBN 9783411730223; 2011 published; € 9,95 = $13.43

Duden Sachgeschichten, mit Themenwortschatz für die Grundschule

ISBN 9783411044962, elementary school age, great photographs, organized by content area, alphabetical list of 1000 nouns in the back, no plurals; $19.43

ELI Illustrierter Wortschatz Deutsch ISBN 9783125344686  (ELI ist der co-publisher) hardcover with CD-ROM $22.28, all in German

Amery, Heather: First Hundred Words in German.

One topic on 2 pages each with drawings, has alphabetical index with English translations in the back,

ISBN 9780794504830, $6.95.

Additional sources for ordering: