Teacher: Karin Christensen

Hello. My name is Karin Christensen. I joined the German School of San Francisco in September 2013 as assistant to a wonderful and highly competent teaching staff, and later worked as teacher of an Advanced Intermediate Adult class, an Adult Conversational class and a DSD II class. I am a native German speaker originally from Lower Saxony’s Wendland region on the Elbe river but I also lived in Celle, Bremen, Cologne and Frankfurt/Main before moving to the US.

My career choices have involved working with languages, whether in the International Dept. of a major pharmaceutical company where I constantly switched between German, English, French and Spanish or the PR Dept. of a US movie distributor where translating English to German was an essential part of my duties. I am a certified Industrial Interpreter. Privately, I very much enjoy reading literature and listening to audiobooks in Low German, or Plattdeutsch, among other things.

Currentlich, I teach DSD II class.